Fertige Projekte


podglad optima
9 colors print
obrazek dla phona
9 colors separation

This is the original design received from my customer from the USA. He has only 6 available printing heads so  I decided to separate it to cmyk process with white underbase.

Unfortunately, this design has many color shades which are not reproducible with CMYK. Gray areas show these problematic shades – gamut warning!.

This is a separated design to the cmyk process. I decided to add one light Pantone blue color to achieve some light blue shades.

This is already printed final design.

Claudia Ober picture
9 colors design
speed print
10 colors separation
Flowers picture
next 11 colors job for Sampro
new job
my new 7 colors design separated for Wenta Print
obrazek na phona
CMYK separation plus one Pantone blue color 
fotka na strone
6 color print